This Week at Rules – May 12, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

This week at rules, we’re talking about some of our public resources.

Front Page Focus

This week’s most frequently visited title was R277, Education. This title contains the statewide rules for nearly all things schools – including school fees, educator licensing, enrollment information, and more.

We’re also looking at the Codification Segue, updated Monday, May 10, and the current Administrative Code through eRules.

Public Resources

The last few weeks have been full of additions and updates to our services as we continue to improve how we share rules and related information with the public. Having rules accessible is only one part of our service, however. We’re also here to help the public engage with administrative rules. If you haven’t visited our Help Page before (or in a while), now is a great time to check it out. Let’s walk through some of the most frequently visited resources:

If you’re interested in learning about the Rulemaking Process, from the drafting of rule text to when a rule is codified, check out the Rulemaking Process Basics page. Looking for more than an outline? The Detailed Rulemaking Process page takes a deeper look at each of step of the process.

Recently revised with 2021 information, Who to Contact About an Administrative Rule? provides information on where to go with a rule question as well as contact information for every current rulemaking body. As a quick reminder, questions about specific rule text are typically best answered by the agency responsible for that text.

Participating in Rulemaking helps interested citizens shape the rules that affect them. This page goes over researching tips, working with rulewriting agencies, and making public comments on rules. For more information specifically on public comments, visit Keys to Making Effective Public Comment.


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