This Week at Rules – June 2, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hi, rule readers!

This week at Rules, we’re talking about our new and easy subscription service.

Front Page Focus

This week, our focus on the Subscriptions page, the place to sign up for new issues of our publications. We’re also taking a look at the Codification Segue, updated earlier this week, and the current Administrative Code through the new eRules site.

Updates Straight to Your Inbox

A few weeks ago, we introduced the new Subscription service, where you can easily sign up to receive email notifications when a new issue of the Utah State Bulletin, Utah State Digest, and RulesNews Blog is posted. Just earlier this week, the Office began to send out Utah State Bulletin notifications along with our currently existing Digest ones.

To sign up for these notifications, simply visit the Subscriptions page, enter a valid email address that will receive the emails, and select which publications you’d like to see notifications for.  Visit the Subscriptions FAQ for answers to common questions and feel free to contact us at for any other questions or assistance with the service.

New Rule Analysis Forms

For all of the rulewriters reading, we’ve created new, as of June 2021, versions of all rule analysis forms. These have been modified to reflect the new fiscal years and to further clarify some of the required questions. The new versions of the forms can be downloaded on our Agency Resources page or through the My Work tab in eRules. Please make sure that every filing is submitted with the most current version of the form.

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See you next week!