This Week at Rules – June 9, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hi, rule readers!

This week at rules, we’re talking about our glossary.

Front Page Focus

We’re continuing our focus on the Subscriptions service, the easiest way to get email notifications of new issues of our publications.

The current administrative code through eRules and the Codification Segue, last updated Monday, June 7, are the other front page focuses for this week.

Glossary of Terms

Administrative rules can sometimes contain terms, including acronyms or organization names, that are not explicitly defined or explained within the text. These terms can make understanding or researching rules more difficult. To help with this, our office provides a Glossary of Terms. The Glossary of Terms lists common terminology and definitions related to administrative rules.

For readers and researchers, the glossary can help clear up terms that are used in rule text or analyses that are present in the Utah State Bulletin and Digest. It can also help when reaching out to agencies with questions or comments.

For rulewriters, filers, and coordinators, the glossary is a resource that explains terms used in required forms, the eRules filing system, and from our office.


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