Utah Administrative Code Changes for GovOps

Brody Mangum Public News, Rulemaking

As of July 1, 2021, the Department of Administrative Services (DAS), the Department of Human Resource Management (DHRM), and the Department of Technology Services (DTS) have merged to form the Department of Government Operations (GovOps). Services provided by any of these departments or the divisions under them have not been affected.

The Utah Administrative Code has slightly changed to reflect this transition. The Administrative Services, Human Resource Management, and Technology Services agencies have been consolidated into a single Government Operations agency.

The following titles are under Government Operations:

  • Government Operations – Administration (13)
  • Administrative Rules (Office of) (15)
  • Archives and Records Service (17)
  • Debt Collection (21)
  • Facilities Construction and Management (23)
  • Finance (25)
  • Fleet Operations (27)
  • Inspector General of Medicaid Services (Office of) (30)
  • Purchasing and General Services (33)
  • Records Committee (35)
  • Records Management Committee (36)
  • Risk Management (37)
  • Human Resource Management (477)
  • Technology Services (895)

This transition has not had an impact on the effectiveness of codified rules. For questions regarding specific rules, please contact the agency behind that rule. For general rule questions, including information on the Administrative Code, contact our office. To learn more about the new Department of Government Operations, visit the official GovOps website.