Formatting Tables

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General Information

An agency may choose to present information in a table if that information is not easily understood in paragraph format. For ease, the Office uses the table feature within Word to create tables. Visit Office Support – Insert a Table for general information on creating tables using Word. Otherwise, the specific formatting requirements for rules are listed below:

Tables must have:

  • A blank line before the table
  • The word “TABLE” centered in the top cell
    • This cell should span the entire width of the table
  • An Arabic numeral (1, 2, 3) after the word “TABLE” if there are multiple tables in one rule
  • The content of the cells left justified (except for the word “TABLE” and the title)
  • The same number of decimal places for all numerical values in the table
  • A blank line after the table

To ensure the table remains readable when shrunk down for publication in the Bulletin, tables must also:

  • Have fewer than 10 columns
  • Have a maximum table width of 3.31 inches
  • Be left aligned

Table Titles (Optional)

Having a table title is optional but may be useful for readers. However, there are formatting requirements if you choose to include one:

  • Add the title under the word “TABLE,” but in the same cell as the word “TABLE”
  • Capitalize the title using standard title case
  • Horizontally center the title in the cell

See below for an example of a formatted table: