Changes to Utah Administrative Code Links

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Hi, rule readers! We’re continuing our transition to the new eRules Utah Administrative Code public portal found at As part of this, we’ve made a change to our legacy Utah Administrative Code pages. Specific rule and title pages, found on our website, will now automatically redirect to We’ve made this change to ensure that the public is …

eRules 3 release: delayed to 4 November 2019

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Back on 19 September, we had announced an anticipated go live date of October 2 for the new eRules 3 application. In consultation with our developer, we are postponing the go live for the application. Our new date to have the application online and in use is November 4. As always, please contact us with any questions.

Countdown to eRules 3 release: Anticipated date is 2 October 2019

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The Office of Administrative Rules has been in a long-term development process with Tecuity, a software development company based in Hyde Park, Utah. The end result of the development, eRules 3 is close to release! One of the development goals was to create a modern application, running on modern hardware and software, usable with any browser. eRules 3 can be …

eRules 3 is just around the corner

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eRules 3.0 is just around the corner. It will feature a robust word search, notification subscription (rule or title), and greater browser compatibility. This last item is great news because users are no longer limited to using Firefox. You may use the browser of your choice

Utah Receives Colborn Award for eRules Application

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Administrative Codes and Registers (ACR), a section of the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS), has recognized the Utah Division of Administrative Rules as the 2013 Robert J. Colborn, Jr. award winner for its eRules application.  eRules is the application that state agencies use to file administrative rules, and that the Division uses to publish administrative rules information in …

Update to eRules Scheduled

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The Division of Administrative Rules has scheduled an update to the eRules application.  State agencies use eRules to file administrative rules and that the Division uses eRules to publish administrative rules in the Utah State Bulletin.  The changes in this update are in response to feedback the Division has received. The update is scheduled for Wednesday, November 14 at 10 …

Changes to eRules

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On August 24 and August 25, several changes were made to the eRules application.  Three of the changes were based on feedback we received from agency rule filers.  We hope that they will improve the usability of the application.  These changes: fix the problem of old, resolved correction notice reappearing when a new correction is requested; add text to the …

Are Your Agency Contacts in eRules Current?

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The next time you file a rule, look at the names listed under the “Contact Person(s)” and “Agency head or designee” scroll boxes.  If the names listed for your agency are not current or complete, please send an e-mail to “Administrative Rules” or rules “at” and notify us of changes.   We use the contact information in eRules to …

eRules Browser Requirement

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The Department of Technology Services programmed eRules, the application agencies use to file rules with the Division, to a standard set of specifications. These specifications include operability with Internet Explorer 7 and higher, and Firefox 3 and higher. eRules was not programmed to work with, nor has it been tested with other web browsers. The Division is aware of problems …