Backspace + IE = “I’ve lost my form!”

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Yes, it’s possible. Well, probably most things are possible, but this one really is possible. I know because I’ve seen it. Here’s the scenario. You’re using Internet Explorer (IE) as your web browser. You need to start a rule filing, so you visit the eRules web site, click on “Proposed Rule Types” and start entering data in your form like …

“Changed to Admin. Code Ref. (R. no)”

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Yes, a cryptic title. But it makes more sense once you realize that I’m talking about a set of fields in the “Rule Information” box of the proposed amendment form, the change in proposed rule form, and the nonsubstantive change form. The fields are right below the “Utah Admin. Code ref. (R no.)” fields. The “Changed to Admin. Code Ref. …

eRules Training Handouts

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For those of you who attended training on September 16, you’ll recall that we pointed you to a copy of the notes the presenter used for the training. We posted that copy to the Division of Administrative Rules’s website. There are three ways to get to those materials. Go to the Division’s home page; click on “Rule Filing Agency Resources …

Bug when trying to save a filing as draft with no agency head selected

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An intrepid rulewriter has discovered a bug in eRules: if a user begins a form and tries to save as draft *without* having selected an agency authorizer, *then* an error condition is created that prevents you from later opening that draft. The workaround is simple: always select an agency authorizer before saving your filing as draft. This bug is part …

Why can’t I find the amendment form?

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Many of you have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be a form for rule amendment any more. If you look closely at the left-hand menu in eRules you seen entries for “Proposed Rule Types” or “Change in Proposed Rule (CPR)” or “Nonsubstantive Change” or something else. But nothing seems to cry out “HI, USE ME TO FILE AN AMENDMENT!” …

Spelling and eRules

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When we began reprogramming eRules, lots of people suggested the same new feature: a spell checker. I agree that this would have been a great addition. However, it wasn’t practical for two reasons: Programming the spell checker would have added enormous cost to the project; and Implementing a spell checker for eRules would have required a server-side solution (the spell …

eRules v. 2 is Live!

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eRules is the application that state agencies in Utah use to file administrative rules with the Division of Administrative Rules.  The new version of eRules went live on July 16, 2009, replacing the original application that has been in operation since September 2001.  Rule filers may access the new system by going to eRules v. 2 functions much like …

eRules v. 2 to be Released on July 16, 2009

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After significant effort, eRules version 2.0 will launch on Thursday, July 16, 2009. This new release replaces eRules version 1 that agencies have used since September 1, 2001, to file administrative rules with the Division.  Agencies filing rules on or after July 16 will use the new application. The Division has prepared a web page containing links to several screen …

How Large is that Rule You’re About to File?

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If you are getting ready to file a rule, stop and look at the size of the file. If the rule text is more than 60 kilobytes or about four pages, please follow these simple instructions or call Administrative Rules (801-538-3218) before you attempt to attach the text to your filing. Thanks!