Utah State Bulletin, Volume 2012, Number 12 (June 15, 2012)

Notices of Utah State Government
Filed May 16, 2012, 12:00 AM through June 1, 2012, 11:59 PM

Kimberly K. Hood, Executive Director
Kenneth A. Hansen, Director
Nancy L. Lancaster, Editor


The Utah State Bulletin (Bulletin) is an official noticing publication of the executive branch of Utah State Government. The Department of Administrative Services, Division of Administrative Rules produces the Bulletin under authority of Section 63G-3-402.

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Table of Contents

1. Special Notices

2. Executive Documents

3. Notices of Proposed Rules

  • Administrative Services
    • Administration
      • No. 36285 (Amendment): Section R13-2-4. Requests for Access
  • Agriculture and Food
    • Animal Industry
      • No. 36249 (Repeal): Rule R58-10. Meat and Poultry Inspection
      • No. 36248 (Repeal): Rule R58-16. Swine Garbage Feeding
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control
    • Administration
      • No. 36271 (Amendment): Section R81-1-3. General Policies
  • Commerce
    • Occupational and Professional Licensing
      • No. 36282 (Amendment): Rule R156-3a. Architect Licensing Act Rule
      • No. 36228 (Amendment): Rule R156-60d. Substance Abuse Counselor Act Rule
  • Corrections
    • Administration
      • No. 36292 (New Rule): Rule R251-115. Contract County Jail Programming Payment
  • Education
    • Administration
      • No. 36308 (New Rule): Rule R277-617. Smart School Technology Program
  • Governor
    • Planning and Budget, Inspector General of Medicaid Services (Office of)
      • No. 36307 (Amendment): Rule R367-1. Office of Inspector General of Medicaid Services
  • Health
    • Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology
      • No. 36247 (Amendment): Rule R386-702. Communicable Disease Rule
    • Family Health and Preparedness, Children with Special Health Care Needs
      • No. 36281 (New Rule): Rule R398-15. Autism Treatment Account
  • Human Services
    • Administration
      • No. 36284 (New Rule): Rule R495-884. Kinship Locate
  • Labor Commission
    • Occupational Safety and Health
      • No. 36306 (Amendment): Section R614-1-4. Incorporation of Federal Standards
  • Natural Resources
    • Parks and Recreation
      • No. 36237 (Amendment): Section R651-201-7. Low Capacity Vessel
      • No. 36242 (Amendment): Section R651-205-2. Deer Creek Reservoir
      • No. 36234 (Amendment): Section R651-205-15. Lost Creek Reservoir
      • No. 36238 (Amendment): Section R651-206-1. Definitions
      • No. 36243 (Amendment): Section R651-206-3. Utah Captain's/Guides License and Utah Boat Crew Permit
      • No. 36239 (Amendment): Section R651-206-4. Additional PFD Requirements for Vessels Carrying Passengers for Hire
      • No. 36241 (Amendment): Section R651-219-3. Spare Propulsion
      • No. 36240 (Amendment): Section R651-226-2. Safety Vessels Permitted
      • No. 36235 (Amendment): Rule R651-227. Boating Safety Course Fees
      • No. 36233 (Amendment): Section R651-401-1. Stickers
      • No. 36232 (Amendment): Section R651-406-1. Annual Registration Fee
      • No. 36230 (Amendment): Section R651-407-1. Appointment and Description of Vehicle Advisory Council Membership
      • No. 36229 (Repeal): Rule R651-612. Firearms, Traps and Other Weapons
  • Public Safety
    • Driver License
      • No. 36231 (Repeal and Reenact): Rule R708-21. Third-Party Testing
    • Peace Officer Standards and Training
      • No. 36291 (Repeal and Reenact): Rule R728-401. Requirements for Approval and Certification of Peace Officer Basic Training Programs and Applicants
      • No. 36290 (Amendment): Rule R728-409. Suspension or Revocation of Peace Officer Certification
  • Regents (Board Of)
    • Administration
      • No. 36272 (Repeal): Rule R765-607. Utah Higher Education Tuition Assistance Program
  • School and Institutional Trust Lands
    • Administration
      • No. 36279 (Amendment): Section R850-21-300. Lease Application Process
  • Workforce Services
    • Employment Development
      • No. 36304 (Amendment): Section R986-100-114a. Determining When a Document is Considered Received by the Department
      • No. 36303 (Amendment): Section R986-700-712. CC for Certain Homeless Families
      • No. 36300 (Amendment): Section R986-900-902. Options and Waivers

4. Notices of 120-Day (Emergency) Rules

  • Public Safety
    • Driver License
      • No. 36283 (Emergency Rule): Rule R708-47. Emergency Contact Database

5. Five-Year Notices of Review and Statements of Continuation

  • Administrative Services
    • Risk Management
      • No. 36286 (5-year Review): Rule R37-1. Risk Management General Rules
      • No. 36287 (5-year Review): Rule R37-2. Risk Management State Workers' Compensation Insurance Administration
      • No. 36288 (5-year Review): Rule R37-3. Risk Management Adjudicative Proceedings
      • No. 36289 (5-year Review): Rule R37-4. Adjusted Utah Governmental Immunity Act Limitations on Judgments
  • Community and Culture
    • History
      • No. 36299 (5-year Review): Rule R212-1. Adjudicative Proceedings
      • No. 36301 (5-year Review): Rule R212-12. Computerized Record of Cemeteries, Burial Locations and Plots, and Granting Matching Funds
  • Environmental Quality
    • Radiation Control
      • No. 36277 (5-year Review): Rule R313-24. Uranium Mills and Source Material Mill Tailings Disposal Facility Requirements
    • Solid and Hazardous Waste
      • No. 36246 (5-year Review): Rule R315-15. Standards for the Management of Used Oil
  • Human Services
    • Juvenile Justice Services
      • No. 36226 (5-year Review): Rule R547-6. Youth Parole Authority Policies and Procedures
      • No. 36227 (5-year Review): Rule R547-10. Ex-Offender Policy
  • Natural Resources
    • Parks and Recreation
      • No. 36225 (5-year Review): Rule R651-301. State Recreation Fiscal Assistance Programs
    • Wildlife Resources
      • No. 36280 (5-year Review): Rule R657-4. Possession of Live Game Birds
  • Public Safety
    • Fire Marshal
      • No. 36251 (5-year Review): Rule R710-2. Rules Pursuant to the Utah Fireworks Act
      • No. 36273 (5-year Review): Rule R710-3. Assisted Living Facilities
      • No. 36278 (5-year Review): Rule R710-4. Buildings Under the Jurisdiction of the State Fire Prevention Board
      • No. 36250 (5-year Review): Rule R710-7. Concerns Servicing Automatic Fire Suppression Systems
    • Peace Officer Standards and Training
      • No. 36245 (5-year Review): Rule R728-505. Service Dog Program Rules
  • School and Institutional Trust Lands
    • Administration
      • No. 36274 (5-year Review): Rule R850-1. Definition of Terms
      • No. 36275 (5-year Review): Rule R850-2. Trust Land Management Objectives
      • No. 36276 (5-year Review): Rule R850-3. Applicant Qualifications, Application Forms, and Application Processing
  • Workforce Services
    • Unemployment Insurance
      • No. 36256 (5-year Review): Rule R994-404. Payments Following Workers' Compensation
      • No. 36257 (5-year Review): Rule R994-406. Fraud, Fault and Nonfault Overpayments

6. Notices of Five-Year Extensions

  • Community and Culture
    • Home Energy Assistance Target (HEAT)
      • No. 36293 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-2. Energy Assistance Programs Standards
      • No. 36294 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-3. Energy Assistance Income Standards, Income Eligibility, and Payment Determination
      • No. 36295 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-4. Energy Assistance: Asset Standards
      • No. 36296 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-5. Energy Assistance: Program Benefits
      • No. 36297 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-6. Energy Assistance: Eligibility Determination
      • No. 36298 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-7. Energy Assistance: Records and Benefit Management
      • No. 36302 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R195-8. Energy Assistance: Special State Programs

7. Notices of Rule Effective Dates

Additional Information

For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.