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Under normal circumstances, by the 10th of each month, the Utah Administrative Code is updated with the rule filings that have been made effective through the first of the month. The Division is currently running several months behind on processing and posting updates. Since the last update, a number of administrative rule filings have been made effective. This page is intended to bridge the gap between the code posted online and the rules currently in effect.

This page is typically updated with each Utah State Bulletin issue or Utah Administrative Code update. Therefore, it is possible that a Notice of Effective Date has been filed since this page was last updated. Please contact the Division of Administrative Rules if you have questions.

PLEASE NOTE: This list is provided as a convenience. An agency may withdraw a Notice of Effective Date prior to its publication in the Bulletin. Therefore, while it does not happen often, it is possible that a rule may appear on this list as effective for which the agency has withdrawn the Notice of Effective Date. Also note that this page does not reflect emergency rules that may temporarily be in effect.

See Rulemaking Definitions for more information about the types of filings listed below.

Pending Updates to the Utah Administrative Code

As of June 13, 2019, 11:56 AM, the following rule filings have been made effective since the Utah Administrative Code was last updated with changes effective through May 1, 2019

Administrative Services, Administration

  • No. 43744 (5YR): Rule R13-2. Management of Records and Access to Records. Effective: 05/29/2019

Administrative Services, Records Committee

  • No. 43760 (5YR): Rule R35-1. State Records Committee Appeal Hearing Procedures. Effective: 06/03/2019
  • No. 43761 (5YR): Rule R35-1a. State Records Committee Definitions. Effective: 06/03/2019
  • No. 43762 (5YR): Rule R35-2. Declining Appeal Hearings. Effective: 06/03/2019
  • No. 43763 (5YR): Rule R35-4. Compliance with State Records Committee Decisions and Orders. Effective: 06/03/2019
  • No. 43766 (NSC): Section R35-4-1. Authority and Purpose. Effective: 06/12/2019
  • No. 43764 (5YR): Rule R35-5. Subpoenas Issued by the Records Committee. Effective: 06/03/2019
  • No. 43765 (5YR): Rule R35-6. Expedited Hearing. Effective: 06/03/2019

Agriculture and Food, Regulatory Services

  • No. 43775 (5YR): Rule R70-310. Grade A Pasteurized Milk. Effective: 06/07/2019

Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing

  • No. 43318 (AMD): Rule R156-63a. Security Personnel Licensing Act Contract Security Rule. Effective: 05/13/2019
  • No. 43318 (CPR): Rule R156-63a. Security Personnel Licensing Act Contract Security Rule. Effective: 05/13/2019
  • No. 43577 (NSC): Rule R156-63a. Security Personnel Licensing Act Contract Security Rule. Effective: 05/14/2019
  • No. 43319 (AMD): Rule R156-63b. Security Personnel Licensing Act Armored Car Rule. Effective: 05/13/2019
  • No. 43319 (CPR): Rule R156-63b. Security Personnel Licensing Act Armored Car Rule. Effective: 05/13/2019
  • No. 43578 (NSC): Rule R156-63b. Security Personnel Licensing Act Armored Car Rule. Effective: 05/14/2019

Education, Administration

  • No. 43609 (REP): Rule R277-102. Adjudicative Proceedings. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43610 (REP): Rule R277-105. Recognizing Constitutional Freedoms in the Schools. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43619 (NEW): Rule R277-115. LEA Supervision and Monitoring Requirements of Third Party Providers and Contracts. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43618 (REP): Rule R277-119. Discretionary Funds. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43624 (NEW): Rule R277-304. Teacher Preparation Programs. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43739 (5YR): Rule R277-462. Comprehensive Counseling and Guidance Program. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43712 (5YR): Rule R277-480. Charter School Revolving Account. Effective: 05/13/2019
  • No. 43664 (NSC): Rule R277-502. Educator Licensing and Data Retention. Effective: 05/14/2019
  • No. 43623 (AMD): Rule R277-552. Charter School Timelines and Approval Processes. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43621 (AMD): Rule R277-700. The Elementary and Secondary School General Core. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43622 (NEW): Rule R277-720. Reimbursement Program for Early Graduation from Competency-Based Education. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43620 (AMD): Rule R277-726. Statewide Online Education Program. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43713 (NSC): Rule R277-922. Digital Teaching and Learning Grant Program. Effective: 05/24/2019

Environmental Quality, Air Quality

  • No. 43589 (AMD): Section R307-401-10. Source Category Exemptions. Effective: 06/06/2019

Environmental Quality, Waste Management and Radiation Control, Waste Management

  • No. 43768 (NSC): Section R315-15-16. Grants. Effective: 06/12/2019

Governor, Economic Development

  • No. 43734 (5YR): Rule R357-7. Utah Capital Investment Board. Effective: 05/22/2019

Health, Administration

  • No. 43774 (5YR): Rule R380-25. Submission of Data Through an Electronic Data Interchange. Effective: 06/07/2019

Health, Center for Health Data, Vital Records and Statistics

  • No. 43462 (NEW): Rule R436-19. Abortion Reporting. Effective: 05/08/2019

Health, Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology

  • No. 43468 (AMD): Rule R386-900. Special Measures for the Operation of Syringe Exchange Programs. Effective: 05/15/2019

Health, Family Health and Preparedness, Primary Care and Rural Health

  • No. 43709 (5YR): Rule R434-40. Utah Health Care Workforce Financial Assistance Program Rules. Effective: 05/08/2019

Health, Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy

  • No. 43740 (5YR): Rule R414-7A. Medicaid Certification of New Nursing Facilities. Effective: 05/24/2019
  • No. 43751 (5YR): Rule R414-31. Inpatient Psychiatric Services for Individuals Under Age 21. Effective: 05/31/2019
  • No. 43771 (5YR): Rule R414-36. Rehabilitative Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Services. Effective: 06/05/2019
  • No. 43749 (5YR): Rule R414-49. Dental, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons and Orthodontia. Effective: 05/31/2019
  • No. 43772 (5YR): Rule R414-140. Choice of Health Care Delivery Program. Effective: 06/05/2019
  • No. 43770 (5YR): Rule R414-501. Preadmission Authorization, Retroactive Authorization, and Continued Stay Review. Effective: 06/05/2019
  • No. 43750 (5YR): Rule R414-502. Nursing Facility Levels of Care. Effective: 05/31/2019
  • No. 43748 (5YR): Rule R414-503. Preadmission Screening and Resident Review. Effective: 05/31/2019

Heritage and Arts, History

  • No. 43716 (5YR): Rule R455-11. Historic Preservation Tax Credit. Effective: 05/14/2019
  • No. 43721 (NSC): Rule R455-11. Historic Preservation Tax Credit. Effective: 05/24/2019
  • No. 43714 (5YR): Rule R455-14. Procedures for Electronic Meetings. Effective: 05/14/2019
  • No. 43715 (5YR): Rule R455-15. Procedures for Emergency Meetings. Effective: 05/14/2019

Human Services, Recovery Services

  • No. 43700 (5YR): Rule R527-10. Disclosure of Information to the Office of Recovery Services. Effective: 05/03/2019
  • No. 43699 (5YR): Rule R527-332. Unreimbursed Assistance Calculation. Effective: 05/03/2019
  • No. 43727 (5YR): Rule R527-450. Federal Tax Refund Intercept. Effective: 05/20/2019

Insurance, Administration

  • No. 43659 (AMD): Rule R590-146. Medicare Supplement Insurance Standards. Effective: 06/07/2019
  • No. 43486 (AMD): Rule R590-155. Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Summary Document. Effective: 06/07/2019
  • No. 43486 (CPR): Rule R590-155. Utah Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Association Summary Document. Effective: 06/07/2019
  • No. 43737 (5YR): Rule R590-171. Surplus Lines Procedures Rule. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43785 (5YR): Rule R590-192. Unfair Accident and Health Claims Settlement Practices. Effective: 06/10/2019
  • No. 43653 (REP): Rule R590-218. Permitted Language for Reservation of Discretion Clauses. Effective: 06/07/2019
  • No. 43615 (AMD): Section R590-225-3. Documents Incorporated by Reference. Effective: 05/22/2019
  • No. 43738 (5YR): Rule R590-230. Suitability in Annuity Transactions. Effective: 05/23/2019
  • No. 43786 (5YR): Rule R590-244. Individual and Agency Licensing Requirements. Effective: 06/10/2019

Insurance, Title and Escrow Commission

  • No. 43781 (5YR): Rule R592-6. Unfair Inducements and Marketing Practices in Obtaining Title Insurance Business. Effective: 06/10/2019
  • No. 43782 (5YR): Rule R592-7. Title Insurance Continuing Education. Effective: 06/10/2019
  • No. 43783 (5YR): Rule R592-8. Application Process for an Attorney Exemption for Agency Title Insurance Producer Licensing. Effective: 06/10/2019
  • No. 43784 (5YR): Rule R592-9. Title Insurance Recovery, Education, and Research Fund Assessment Rule. Effective: 06/10/2019

Labor Commission, Adjudication

  • No. 43574 (AMD): Section R602-2-1. Pleadings and Discovery. Effective: 05/08/2019

Labor Commission, Boiler, Elevator and Coal Mine Safety

  • No. 43572 (AMD): Section R616-2-3. Safety Codes and Rules for Boilers and Pressure Vessels. Effective: 05/08/2019
  • No. 43573 (AMD): Section R616-2-8. Inspection of Boilers and Pressure Vessels. Effective: 05/08/2019

Natural Resources, Wildlife Resources

  • No. 43726 (5YR): Rule R657-46. The Use of Game Birds in Dog Field Trials and Training. Effective: 05/20/2019

Public Service Commission, Administration

  • No. 43603 (AMD): Rule R746-310. Uniform Rules Governing Electricity Service by Electric Utilities. Effective: 05/22/2019

Regents (Board of), University of Utah, Administration

  • No. 43566 (AMD): Rule R805-3. Overnight Camping and Campfires on University of Utah Property. Effective: 05/22/2019

School and Institutional Trust Lands, Administration

  • No. 43613 (AMD): Section R850-5-300. Royalties. Effective: 06/01/2019
  • No. 43616 (R&R): Rule R850-21. Oil, Gas and Hydrocarbon Resources. Effective: 06/01/2019

Tax Commission, Property Tax

  • No. 43698 (NSC): Section R884-24P-62. Valuation of State Assessed Unitary Properties Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59-2-201. Effective: 05/17/2019

Technology Services, Administration

  • No. 43697 (5YR): Rule R895-9. Utah Geographic Information Systems Advisory Council. Effective: 05/02/2019

Transportation, Motor Carrier

  • No. 43735 (5YR): Rule R909-2. Utah Size and Weight Rule. Effective: 05/22/2019

Transportation, Preconstruction

  • No. 43602 (AMD): Rule R930-6. Access Management. Effective: 05/22/2019

Transportation, Program Development

  • No. 43584 (NEW): Rule R926-16. Unsolicited Proposals for Transportation Infrastructure Public-Private Partnerships. Effective: 05/08/2019

Workforce Services, Employment Development

  • No. 43481 (AMD): Section R986-100-117. Disqualification Periods And Civil Penalties For Intentional Program Violations (IPVs). Effective: 06/01/2019
  • No. 43482 (AMD): Section R986-200-250. Unauthorized Spending of TANF Financial Assistance Benefits. Effective: 06/01/2019
  • No. 43556 (AMD): Rule R986-700. Child Care Assistance. Effective: 06/01/2019

Number of effective filings awaiting codification as of 06/13/2019, 11:56 AM: 79

Additional Information

For questions regarding the content or application of a specific rule, please contact the agency responsible for the rule. A directory of agencies is available online. For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.