Utah State Bulletin, Volume 2011, Number 21 (November 1, 2011)

Notices of Utah State Government
Filed October 1, 2011, 12:00 AM through October 14, 2011, 11:59 PM

Kimberly K. Hood, Executive Director
Kenneth A. Hansen, Director
Nancy L. Lancaster, Editor


The Utah State Bulletin (Bulletin) is an official noticing publication of the executive branch of Utah State Government. The Department of Administrative Services, Division of Administrative Rules produces the Bulletin under authority of Section 63G-3-402.

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Table of Contents

1. Special Notices

2. Executive Documents

3. Notices of Proposed Rules

  • Administrative Services
    • Facilities Construction and Management
      • No. 35333 (New Rule): Rule R23-32. Rules of Procedure for Conduct of Utah State Building Board Meetings
  • Education
    • Administration
      • No. 35341 (Amendment): Rule R277-106. Utah Professional Practices Advisory Commission Appointment Process
      • No. 35342 (Amendment): Rule R277-401. Child Abuse-Neglect Reporting by Education Personnel
      • No. 35343 (Amendment): Rule R277-419. Pupil Accounting
      • No. 35344 (Amendment): Rule R277-422. State Supported Voted Leeway, Local Board-Approved Leeway and Local Board Leeway for Reading Improvement Programs
      • No. 35345 (Amendment): Rule R277-424. Indirect Costs for State Programs
      • No. 35346 (Amendment): Rule R277-477. Distribution of Funds from the Interest and Dividend Account (School LAND Trust Funds) and Administration of the School LAND Trust Program
      • No. 35347 (Amendment): Section R277-600-10. Special Transportation Levy
      • No. 35348 (Amendment): Rule R277-914. Applied Technology Education (ATE) Leadership
  • Environmental Quality
    • Solid and Hazardous Waste
      • No. 35349 (Amendment): Rule R315-1. Utah Hazardous Waste Definitions and References
      • No. 35350 (Amendment): Rule R315-2. General Requirements - Identification and Listing of Hazardous Waste
      • No. 35351 (Amendment): Rule R315-3. Application and Permit Procedures for Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
      • No. 35352 (Amendment): Rule R315-5. Hazardous Waste Generator Requirements
      • No. 35353 (Amendment): Rule R315-6. Hazardous Waste Transporter Requirements
      • No. 35354 (Amendment): Rule R315-7. Interim Status Requirements for Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
      • No. 35355 (Amendment): Rule R315-8. Standards for Owners and Operators of Hazardous Waste Treatment, Storage, and Disposal Facilities
      • No. 35356 (Amendment): Rule R315-13. Land Disposal Restrictions
      • No. 35357 (Amendment): Section R315-14-8. Military Munitions
      • No. 35358 (Amendment): Section R315-50-9. Basis for Listing Hazardous Wastes
    • Water Quality
      • No. 35359 (Amendment): Rule R317-2. Standards of Quality for Waters of the State
  • Health
    • Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy
      • No. 35334 (Amendment): Rule R414-310. Medicaid Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver
      • No. 35335 (Amendment): Rule R414-320. Medicaid Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Demonstration Waiver
    • Family Health and Preparedness, Licensing
      • No. 35322 (Amendment): Rule R432-600. Abortion Clinic Rule
  • Human Services
    • Child and Family Services
      • No. 35310 (Amendment): Section R512-205-4. Investigation
  • Insurance
    • Administration
      • No. 35331 (Amendment): Rule R590-225. Submission of Property and Casualty Rate and Form Filings
  • Labor Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 35362 (Amendment): Section R600-3-1. Authority and Scope
    • Industrial Accidents
      • No. 35363 (Amendment): Section R612-4-2. Premium Rates for the Uninsured Employers' Fund and the Employers' Reinsurance Fund
  • Natural Resources
    • Parks and Recreation
      • No. 35361 (New Rule): Rule R651-209. Anchored and Beached Vessels
      • No. 35330 (Amendment): Rule R651-637. 2011 Antelope Island State Park Special Mule Deer and Bighorn Sheep Hunt
  • Tax Commission
    • Property Tax
      • No. 35332 (Amendment): Section R884-24P-53. 2011 Valuation Guides for Valuation of Land Subject to the Farmland Assessment Act Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59-2-515
  • Transportation
    • Administration
      • No. 35324 (Amendment): Rule R907-66. Incorporation and Use of Federal Acquisition Regulations on Federal-Aid and State-Financed Transportation Projects
    • Operations, Aeronautics
      • No. 35326 (Amendment): Rule R914-1. Rules and Regulations of the Utah State Aeronautical Committee

4. Notices of Changes in Proposed Rules

  • Insurance
    • Administration
      • No. 35103 (Change in Proposed Rule): Rule R590-192. Unfair Accident and Health Claims Settlement Practices
      • No. 35104 (Change in Proposed Rule): Rule R590-203. Health Grievance Review Process
      • No. 35105 (Change in Proposed Rule): Rule R590-261. Health Benefit Plan Adverse Benefit Determinations

5. Five-Year Notices of Review and Statements of Continuation

  • Administrative Services
    • Administration
      • No. 35309 (5-year Review): Rule R13-2. Access to Records
  • Commerce
    • Occupational and Professional Licensing
      • No. 35360 (5-year Review): Rule R156-15. Health Facility Administrator Act Rule
      • No. 35308 (5-year Review): Rule R156-55a. Utah Construction Trades Licensing Act Rule
      • No. 35306 (5-year Review): Rule R156-55b. Electricians Licensing Rule
      • No. 35307 (5-year Review): Rule R156-55c. Plumbers Licensing Rule
  • Community and Culture
    • Administration
      • No. 35365 (5-year Review): Rule R182-1. Government Records Access And Management Act Rules
  • Health
    • Disease Control and Prevention, Epidemiology
      • No. 35327 (5-year Review): Rule R386-702. Communicable Disease Rule
    • Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy
      • No. 35336 (5-year Review): Rule R414-320. Medicaid Health Insurance Flexibility and Accountability Demonstration Waiver
    • Disease Control and Prevention, Laboratory Services
      • No. 35329 (5-year Review): Rule R438-10. Rules for Establishment of a Procedure to Examine the Blood of all Adult Pedestrians and all Drivers of Motor Vehicles Killed in Highway Accidents for the Presence and Concentration of Alcohol, for the Purpose of Deriving Statistics Therefrom
  • Labor Commission
    • Antidiscrimination and Labor, Fair Housing
      • No. 35314 (5-year Review): Rule R608-1. Utah Fair Housing Rules
    • Antidiscrimination and Labor, Labor
      • No. 35312 (5-year Review): Rule R610-1. Minimum Wage, Clarify Tip Credit, and Enforcement
      • No. 35311 (5-year Review): Rule R610-2. Employment of Minors
      • No. 35313 (5-year Review): Rule R610-3. Filing, Investigation, and Resolution of Wage Claims
    • Boiler and Elevator Safety
      • No. 35315 (5-year Review): Rule R616-2. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Rules
      • No. 35316 (5-year Review): Rule R616-3. Elevator Rules
  • Public Safety
    • Fire Marshal
      • No. 35320 (5-year Review): Rule R710-11. Fire Alarm System Inspecting and Testing
  • Public Service Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 35317 (5-year Review): Rule R746-409. Pipeline Safety
  • Transportation
    • Administration
      • No. 35325 (5-year Review): Rule R907-3. Administrative Procedure
      • No. 35323 (5-year Review): Rule R907-66. Incorporation and Use of Federal Acquisition Regulations on Federal-Aid and State-Financed Transportation Projects

6. Notices of Five-Year Extensions

  • Capitol Preservation Board (State)
    • Administration
      • No. 35318 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R131-10. Commercial Solicitations
      • No. 35319 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R131-11. Preservation of Free Speech Activities
  • Public Safety
    • Peace Officer Standards and Training
      • No. 35321 (Five-Year Extension): Rule R728-408. POST Academy and the Emergency Vehicle Operations Range are Secure Facilities

7. Notices of Rule Effective Dates

Additional Information

For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.