Utah State Bulletin, Volume 2013, Number 11 (June 1, 2013)

Notices of Utah State Government
Filed May 2, 2013, 12:00 AM through May 15, 2013, 11:59 PM

Kimberly K. Hood, Executive Director
Kenneth A. Hansen, Director
Nancy L. Lancaster, Editor


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Table of Contents

1. Special Notices

2. Executive Documents

3. Notices of Proposed Rules

  • Alcoholic Beverage Control
    • Administration
      • No. 37615 (Amendment): Section R81-4A-2. Application
      • No. 37616 (Amendment): Section R81-4C-2. Application
      • No. 37617 (Amendment): Section R81-5-1. Licensing
      • No. 37618 (Amendment): Section R81-5-5. Advertising
  • Career Service Review Office
    • Administration
      • No. 37607 (Amendment): Rule R137-1. Grievance Procedure Rules
  • Education
    • Administration
      • No. 37634 (New Rule): Rule R277-411. School District Sponsored School Seminars on Youth Protection-Related Issues
      • No. 37636 (Repeal and Reenact): Rule R277-491. School Community Councils
      • No. 37635 (Amendment): Rule R277-614. Athletes and Students with Head Injuries
  • Environmental Quality
    • Air Quality
      • No. 37582 (Amendment): Section R307-101-3. Version of Code of Federal Regulations Incorporated by Reference
      • No. 37583 (Amendment): Section R307-210-2. Oil and Gas Sector: New Source Performance Standards
      • No. 37584 (Amendment): Section R307-214-3. Oil and Gas Sector: National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants
  • Health
    • Disease Control and Prevention, Environmental Services
      • No. 37589 (New Rule): Rule R392-103. Food Handler Training and Certificate
  • Labor Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 37621 (Amendment): Rule R600-2. Operations
    • Industrial Accidents
      • No. 37622 (Amendment): Section R612-200-1. Acceptance / Denial of a Claim
  • Natural Resources
    • Parks and Recreation
      • No. 37601 (Amendment): Rule R651-204. Regulating Waterway Markers
      • No. 37602 (Amendment): Rule R651-214. Temporary Registration
      • No. 37603 (Amendment): Section R651-216-8. Use of Non-Navigational Lights
      • No. 37625 (Amendment): Rule R651-611. Fee Schedule
      • No. 37585 (Amendment): Rule R651-614. Fishing, Hunting and Trapping
    • Forestry, Fire and State Lands
      • No. 37623 (Amendment): Section R652-70-2300. Management of Bear Lake Sovereign Lands
    • Wildlife Resources
      • No. 37609 (Amendment): Rule R657-64. Predator Control Incentives
  • Public Safety
    • Driver License
      • No. 37612 (Repeal): Rule R708-33. Electric Assisted Bicycle Headgear
    • Criminal Investigations and Technical Services, Criminal Identification
      • No. 37606 (Amendment): Rule R722-300. Concealed Firearm Permit and Instructor Rule
      • No. 37605 (Amendment): Rule R722-310. Regulation of Bail Bond Recovery and Enforcement Agents
      • No. 37604 (Amendment): Rule R722-330. Licensing of Private Investigators
  • Regents (Board Of)
    • Administration
      • No. 37586 (Amendment): Rule R765-604. New Century Scholarship
      • No. 37587 (Amendment): Rule R765-609. Regents' Scholarship

4. Notices of Changes in Proposed Rules

  • Environmental Quality
    • Air Quality
      • No. 37268 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-401-19. Analysis of Alternatives
      • No. 37269 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-401-20. Relaxation of Limitations
      • No. 37263 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-403-1. Purpose and Definitions
      • No. 37264 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-403-2. Applicability
      • No. 37266 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-403-10. Analysis of Alternatives
      • No. 37267 (Change in Proposed Rule): Section R307-403-11. Actuals PALs
      • No. 37265 (Change in Proposed Rule): Rule R307-420. Permits: Ozone Offset Requirements in Davis and Salt Lake Counties

5. Notices of 120-Day (Emergency) Rules

  • Administrative Services
    • Purchasing and General Services
      • No. 37633 (Emergency Rule): Section R33-3-3. Small Purchases
  • Agriculture and Food
    • Regulatory Services
      • No. 37620 (Emergency Rule): Rule R70-330. Raw Milk for Retail
  • Alcoholic Beverage Control
    • Administration
      • No. 37611 (Emergency Rule): Section R81-1-31. Duties of the Commission Subcommittees
  • Public Safety
    • Driver License
      • No. 37614 (Emergency Rule): Rule R708-21. Third Party Testing
  • Transportation
    • Motor Carrier
      • No. 37624 (Emergency Rule): Section R909-19-7. Towing Notice Requirements

6. Five-Year Notices of Review and Statements of Continuation

  • Education
    • Administration
      • No. 37626 (5-year Review): Rule R277-104. ADA Complaint Procedure
      • No. 37627 (5-year Review): Rule R277-436. Gang Prevention and Intervention Programs in the Schools
      • No. 37628 (5-year Review): Rule R277-460. Distribution of Substance Abuse Prevention Account
      • No. 37629 (5-year Review): Rule R277-491. School Community Councils
      • No. 37630 (5-year Review): Rule R277-614. Athletes and Students with Head Injuries
  • Health
    • Administration
      • No. 37596 (5-year Review): Rule R380-250. HIPAA Privacy Rule Implementation
    • Children's Health Insurance Program
      • No. 37608 (5-year Review): Rule R382-1. Benefits and Administration
      • No. 37610 (5-year Review): Rule R382-10. Eligibility
    • Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy
      • No. 37591 (5-year Review): Rule R414-53. Eyeglasses Services
  • Insurance
    • Administration
      • No. 37600 (5-year Review): Rule R590-219. Credit Scoring
      • No. 37598 (5-year Review): Rule R590-222. Life Settlements
      • No. 37599 (5-year Review): Rule R590-223. Rule to Recognize the 2001 CSO Mortality Table for Use in Determining Minimum Reserve Liabilities and Nonforfeiture Benefits
  • Natural Resources
    • Wildlife Resources
      • No. 37592 (5-year Review): Rule R657-34. Procedures for Confirmation of Ordinances on Hunting Closures
      • No. 37593 (5-year Review): Rule R657-37. Cooperative Wildlife Management Units for Big Game or Turkey
      • No. 37594 (5-year Review): Rule R657-42. Fees, Exchanges, Surrenders, Refunds and Reallocation of Wildlife Documents
      • No. 37595 (5-year Review): Rule R657-45. Wildlife License, Permit, and Certificate of Registration Forms
  • Public Safety
    • Driver License
      • No. 37613 (5-year Review): Rule R708-30. Motorcycle Rider Training Schools

7. Notices of Legislative Nonreauthorizations

  • Insurance
    • Title and Escrow Commission
      • No. 37588 (Legislative Nonreauthorization): Section R592-2-7. Imposition of Penalties

8. Notices of Rule Effective Dates

Additional Information

For questions about the rulemaking process, please contact the Division of Administrative Rules.