Office of Administrative Rules

Service Plan of the Office of Administrative Rules

The Department of Government Operations creates innovative solutions to transform government services. The mission of the Office of Administrative Rules is to help citizens participate in their own government, and help administrative rulemaking agencies comply with the Utah Administrative Rulemaking Act (Act). The Office is created by statute -- Section 63G-3-401opens in a new tab. Its duties are specified in Title 63G, Chapter 3opens in a new tab.

This Service Plan is prepared in compliance with Section 63A-1-111opens in a new tab. Address questions regarding the Service Plan to Michael Broschinsky, Director, by telephone at 801-602-8937opens in a new tab, or by email at [email protected]opens in a new tab.

Document Filing

eRules, the Office’s online administrative rules management system, allows state agencies to file rule actions. eRules is continuously available, allowing state agencies to file at any time and from anywhere. We measure the quality of our document filing service by recording and reviewing the percentage of time the eRules service is available to both filers and members of the public.

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Publication of Rule Actions

The Office publishes agencies’ administrative rule actions in the Utah State Bulletin (Bulletin). We receive and review submissions from state agencies. The review process is a copy edit of text on the rule analysis forms, an evaluation of submission form content against statutory and regulatory requirements, and a review of the rule text to ensure that changes have been correctly marked and are made following the guidelines set in the Rulewriting Manual for Utah. The Office then produces and publishes a PDF copy for each issue of the Bulletin that is posted to the Office’s website by the 1st and 15th of each month.

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Publication of Effective Rules

Our office publishes effective rules in the Utah Administrative Code (Administrative Code). We codify changes from proposed rule actions and these changes are inserted into the Administrative Code database. 

Our goal is to ensure that effective rules are published to the Utah Administrative Code database within 2 weeks of the rule’s effective date. We monitor these dates and have them available to the public through an online dashboard.