Agency Resources

Office of Administrative Rules

Materials and Resources

The Office of Administrative Rules provides analysis form templates, rulewriting guides, and other resources to assist in the rulemaking process.

Before Filing

Write an Administrative Rule

The Rulewriting Manual for Utah provides the complete guide to administrative rulewriting in Utah.

Download Rule Analysis Forms

Rule analysis forms are required for every filing type submitted with our office. Different filing types require different rule analysis forms, all of which are available here.

Complete a Rule Analysis Form

Rule analysis forms are required for every rule filing with our office. OAR has created videos walking through the general process of filling out these forms.

Submit a Prefiling

Prefiling is an optional step that allows agencies to submit a draft of their rule and rule analysis to our office for a formatting and style review similar to that seen during the filing process.

View Rulemaking and Publishing Timeframes

Our office provides timeframes for rulemakers to view when planning out rulemaking.

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When Filing

Request eRules Access

Before using eRules for the first time, a user will need to request access to the platform. This is a two step process of filling out the Agency Access Form and petitioning for access directly through eRules.

File through eRules

All administrative rule filings must be submitted through the eRules platform.

After Filing

Public Comment Period

The Utah Rulemaking Act, Title 63G, Chapter 3, requires a 30-day comment period, beginning the day after publication in the Utah State Bulletin, for proposed rules.  Comments may be taken up to 113 days after publication.  There is an additional seven-day waiting period to consider comment and then the rule can be made effective.  The effective date can be the 38th day publication up to 120 days.  After 120 days if the rule has not been made effective, the rule lapses.  No change is made to the Administrative Code.

Making a Rule Effective

Once a rule has made its way through the publication, public comment and review process, it can be made effective.

An effective date must be filed in eRules for the rule to become effective.

Codification of a Rule

The final state of a rule filing is for the rule to be codified. Codified law refers to the rules and regulations that have been collected, restated, and written down for the purpose of providing civil order to a society. 

Current Rules that have been codified within the Utah Administrative Code can be found by visiting the Utah Administrative Code website or selecting Administrative Code > Public Portal on the top of this page.

Five-Year Reviews and Renewals

Section 63G-3-305 requires that "Each agency shall review each of its rules within five years after the rule's original effective date or within five years after the filing of the last five-year review, whichever is later."

Agencies may review five-year review due dates for their rules at the Administrative Rules Dashboard.