Executive Documents

Office of Administrative Rules

Executive Orders, Proclamations, and Declarations

The Governor's Office staff files Executive Documents that have legal effect with the Office of Administrative Rules for publication and distribution. The Governor's executive documents are published in the Utah State Bulletin as they are made available by the Governor's Office. The Bulletin is published on the 1st and 15th of each month. This page contains links to the Governor's executive documents published in the Utah State Bulletin or otherwise available.

General Information

Under authority granted by the Utah Constitution and various federal and state statutes, the Governor periodically issues Executive Documents, which can be categorized as either Executive Orders, Proclamations, or Declarations. 

Executive Orders set policy for the executive branch; create boards and commissions; provide for the transfer of authority; or otherwise interpret, implement, or give administrative effect to a provision of the Constitution, state law or executive policy. 

Proclamations call special or extraordinary legislative sessions; designate classes of cities; publish states-of-emergency; promulgate other official formal public announcements or functions; or publicly avow or cause certain matters of state government to be made generally known. 

Declarations designate special days, weeks or other time periods; call attention to or recognize people, groups, organizations, functions, or similar actions having a public purpose; or invoke specific legislative purposes, such as the declaration of an agricultural disaster.


Governor Cox

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