Federal E-Rulemaking Update

September 16, 2004

In an E-mail posted to the E-Rulemaking ListServ (http://www.ksg.harvard.edu/cbg/rpp/erulemaking/) (follow the “ListServ” link) operated by Harvard University, John Moses, deputy director of the E-rulemaking initiative, reports on the status of the new federal-wide electronic docket system. He indicates that the system will be ready for agency beta-testing by late 2004/early 2005, with updates released throughout 2005.

He also announces that “The Regulatory Policy Program at Harvard University, in partnership with the eRulemaking Initiative, is hosting an on-line discussion board.” The purpose of the discussion board is to solicit feedback and encourage a discussion of the issues. The address for the discussion board is http://icommons.harvard.edu/~hu-erulemaking (Note: registration is required).

Mr. Moses concludes his message stating that more information about the E-Rulemaking initiative is available online at http://www.Regulations.gov/ (follow the “eRulemaking” link).