Utah State Bulletin, Volume 2017, Number 12 (June 15, 2017)

Notices of Utah State Government
Filed May 16, 2017, 12:00 AM through June 1, 2017, 11:59 PM

Nancy L. Lancaster, Managing Editor


The Utah State Bulletin (Bulletin) is an official noticing publication of the executive branch of Utah state government. The Office of Administrative Rules, part of the Department of Administrative Services, produces the Bulletin under authority of Section 63G-3-402.

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Table of Contents

1. Special Notices

2. Executive Documents

3. Notices of Proposed Rules

  • Agriculture and Food
    • Plant Industry
      • No. 41675 (New Rule): Rule R68-23. Utah Firewood Quarantine
  • Commerce
    • Occupational and Professional Licensing
      • No. 41705 (Amendment): Rule R156-40. Recreational Therapy Practice Act Rule
  • Human Services
    • Aging and Adult Services
      • No. 41698 (Amendment): Rule R510-302. Adult Protective Services
    • Juvenile Justice Services
      • No. 41710 (Amendment): Rule R547-13. Guidelines for Admission to Secure Youth Detention Facilities
  • Natural Resources
    • Parks and Recreation
      • No. 41717 (Amendment): Rule R651-603. Animals
      • No. 41716 (Amendment): Rule R651-606. Camping
      • No. 41715 (Amendment): Section R651-633-2. General Closures or Restrictions
  • Public Service Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 41704 (Amendment): Section R746-360-6. Eligibility for Fund Distributions
  • Tax Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 41699 (Amendment): Section R861-1A-20. Time of Appeal Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59-1-301, 59-1-501, 59-1-1410, 59- 2-1007, 59-7-517, 59-12-114, 59-13-210, 63G-4-201, 63G-4-401, 68-3-7, and 68-3-8.5
      • No. 41700 (Amendment): Section R861-1A-42. Waiver of Penalty and Interest for Reasonable Cause Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 59-1-401
    • Auditing
      • No. 41701 (Amendment): Section R865-9I-54. Renewable Energy Credit Amount Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 59-10-1014 and 59-10-1106
    • Motor Vehicle
      • No. 41702 (Amendment): Section R873-22M-2. Documentation Required and Procedures to Follow to Register or Title Certain Vehicles Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Sections 41-1a-104 and 41-1a-108
      • No. 41703 (Amendment): Section R873-22M-16. Authorization to Issue a Certificate of Title Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. Section 41-1a-104

4. Five-Year Notices of Review and Statements of Continuation

  • Commerce
    • Occupational and Professional Licensing
      • No. 41706 (5-year Review): Rule R156-22. Professional Engineers and Professional Land Surveyors Licensing Act Rule
  • Corrections
    • Administration
      • No. 41707 (5-year Review): Rule R251-401. Supervision Fees
  • Health
    • Health Care Financing, Coverage and Reimbursement Policy
      • No. 41689 (5-year Review): Rule R414-310. Medicaid Primary Care Network Demonstration Waiver
  • Heritage and Arts
    • Administration
      • No. 41709 (5-year Review): Rule R450-2. Preservation Pro Fee
    • Library
      • No. 41708 (5-year Review): Rule R458-1. Adjudicative Procedures
  • Natural Resources
    • Wildlife Resources
      • No. 41668 (5-year Review): Rule R657-44. Big Game Depredation
  • Public Service Commission
    • Administration
      • No. 41667 (5-year Review): Rule R746-320. Uniform Rules Governing Natural Gas Service
  • School and Institutional Trust Lands
    • Administration
      • No. 41697 (5-year Review): Rule R850-1. Definition of Terms
      • No. 41696 (5-year Review): Rule R850-2. Trust Land Management Objectives
      • No. 41695 (5-year Review): Rule R850-3. Applicant Qualifications, Application Forms, and Application Processing
  • Workforce Services
    • Administration
      • No. 41711 (5-year Review): Rule R982-101. Americans with Disabilities Complaint Procedure
      • No. 41712 (5-year Review): Rule R982-201. Government Records Access and Management Act
      • No. 41713 (5-year Review): Rule R982-301. Councils
      • No. 41714 (5-year Review): Rule R982-601. Provider Code of Conduct
    • Unemployment Insurance
      • No. 41686 (5-year Review): Rule R994-404. Payment Following Workers' Compensation
      • No. 41687 (5-year Review): Rule R994-406. Fraud, Fault and Nonfault Overpayments

5. Notices of Rule Effective Dates

Additional Information

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