From the ARRC Agenda to Legislation

Mike Broschinsky Legislation, Uncategorized

It appears that the Legislature’s Administrative Rules Review Committee (ARRC) has had a significant impact on legislation considered during the 2004 General Session. The ARRC is created by statute and is charged with the responsibility to “exercise continuous oversight of the process of rulemaking.” (UT Code Subsection 63-46a-11(3)) During the past two years, the ARRC has grappled with a number of issues, from scenic byways to concealed weapon restrictions. For one reason or another, this year, many of those issues have resulted in legislation. The following bills are directly related to discussions held by the ARRC during the past two interims:
  • H.B. 11. Unused Sick Leave for State Employee Provisions.
  • H.B. 18. Utah State Scenic Byway Committee.
  • H.B. 41. Health Insurance Coverage for Dependents.
  • H.B. 187. Viatical Settlement Act.
  • H.B. 214. School and Institutional Trust Lands – Clarifying References to Rules and Policies.
  • H.B. 238. Workers’ Compensation Access to Medical Records.
  • H.B. 252. Calculation of Property Tax Levies.
  • S.B. 48. Uniform Firearm Laws.
  • S.B. 249. Defining Practice of Chiropractic Physician.
— Ken Hansen