This Week at Rules – March 17, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

Hi, rule readers! This week at rules, we’re taking a look at monthly Administrative Code updates.

Front Page Focus

The return of the Utah Administrative Code Monthly Update, covered below, is taking center stage on this week’s Front Page Focus. The updated Codification Segue and a link to all current rules through eRules are also featured.

Administrative Code Monthly Updates

We’re excited to share the return of monthly Utah Administrative Code updates, available on the Updates page. Administrative Code updates track the changes made to the Utah Administrative code during that update’s labeled month. Typically, updates will be posted a few days after the end of the tracked month.

If you’ve been following rules for a while, you might remember these from the past. They’re a bit different now, as we’ve made a few changes designed to modernize them while keeping all of the necessary information. Monthly updates consist of three separately downloadable items:

  • An archive consisting of only the changed rules from the month in .docx format
  • An archive consisting of the entire UAC as of the last day of the month in .docx format
  • A spreadsheet report containing a list of this update’s UAC changes in .xlsx format

Visit the Updates page to view January and February updates as well as previous ones from years past. Past updates are still available in their original formats.

As always, feel free to reach out to with any questions about the updates or anything else rules. Find us on Facebook and Twitter to get the first look at new rules features and info straight from our office.