eRules Help and FAQ

Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about eRules.

Types of Rule Filings in eRules
Proposed Rule Filings

Proposed rules are the bulk of what agencies file with the Division. A proposed rule is what an agency proposes to do: create a new rule, remove an old rule, amend an existing rule, or repeal and reenact an existing rule.

Proposed rules and changes in proposed rules do not automatically become effective (a notice of effective date must always be filed for rules to become effective).

Nonsubstantive Filings

Nonsubstantive changes are similar to a proposed rule but by definition, do not affect the rule in a material, substantive way.

It is assumed that the changes will not have any costs or savings associated with them.

Emergency Filings

An emergency or expedited rule is temporary; it is in effect for only 120 days.

Both emergency and expedited rules have  particular requirements 

Five Year Filings

Five-year reviews are to be filed once every five years, on or before the five-year anniversary of the enactment or last five-year review of a rule.

If you do not file a five-year review, or a five-year review extension, the Office is required to remove the rule from the administrative code.

Public Notices and Executive Documents

Agency public notices and executive documents can be filed in eRules.