This Week At Rules – February 24, 2021

Brody Mangum This Week at Rules

This week at rules, we take a look at the new purpose of the Codification Segue.

Front Page Focus

R920-6, Traction Devices/Tire Chain Requirements continues its climb to most-viewed as more snow falls. R920-6 is an overview of the weather conditions that require traction devices as well as the traction devices themselves.

R920-6 is joined by a the complete Title R156 as well as our Codification Segue, which we go over below.

Our Recent Segue Updates

Today, we thought we’d talk a bit about the Codification Segue. If you’re unfamiliar with the purpose of the Segue, visit this post for a review. To put it simply, the Codification Segue used to be the host for rules that had been made effective but were not yet listed on the Utah Administrative Code. Since eRules (our recently renamed AdminRules Search) now allows us to immediately publish rules once they’re made effective, this is no longer necessary and the Segue’s purposes have slightly shifted.

While we continue to work on the transition to eRules, our goal is to keep all current rules available to anyone interested in viewing them. The Codification Segue has become an important part of this, as it is where we’ll host rules that are still undergoing the transition to eRules.

For example, we’ve recently received feedback that some of R156, Commerce, Occupational and Professional Licensing, is not accessible through eRules. We know that those rules, especially being so focused on specific occupations, need to be available. We’ve used the Codification Segue as the host page, and you’ll find that the entirety of title R156 is currently available for both downloading and online viewing there.

Moving forward, the Codification Segue will be the hosting page for rules that are temporarily unavailable on eRules. Rule accessibility remains our highest priority and this ensures that the last few rules remain visible in the final steps of our transition to eRules. Titles and rules on the Codification Segue will be reviewed regularly and will reflect the current versions of those rules. Once a rule becomes accessible on eRules, it will be removed from the Segue and permanently hosted on eRules.

If you’re unable to find a rule on either eRules or the Codification Segue, or have questions about any of the above, please reach out to Also, follow us on Facebook and Twitter for updates on eRules and all things administrative rules straight from the Office.